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Archival Resources Details Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich von Mueller - Records

Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich von Mueller - Records
State Library of Victoria, Australian Manuscripts Collection
MS 5088, 580/1, H 16497 etc
Date Range
1857 - 1896

Inscribed copy of Mueller's "Fate of Dr Leichhardt and a proposed new search for his party" 1865 [1 volume ]. Correspondence with R. Barry, D. Bunce [MS 5088]. Correspondence with W.G. Conn, ?. Gibb(e)s, Victorian Academy of Arts [580/1(c)]. Correspondence with E. Giles [H 16497]. Correspondence with T. Girdlestone, ?. Hyndman, Australian Artists' Association [MS 7593]. Correspondence with Dr. MacAdam, D. Mackinnon, A. Michie, E.L. Montefiore, C.H. Pearson, ?. Richardson [MS 7593]. Correspondence with ?. Sisley, Victorian Artists' Society [MS 7593]. Correspondence with T.W. Ware, W.M. Wehl, D.E. Wilkie, H.B. Williamson, C.L. Wragge [MS 11124]. Overall date range 1857-96. Some letters and references to Mueller as Chairman of the Exploration Committee in the Royal Society of Victoria collection. Memoranda regarding the Botanic Gardens 1873 [MS 9811].

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