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John Forrest - Records
JS Battye Library of West Australian History, State Library of Western Australia
ACC 2181A
Date Range
1865 - 1918

Diaries from the expedition he led in search of Leichhardt in 1869 and an expedition to Central Australia in 1874, published as "Exploration in Australia" (1875); letters regarding his appointment to the Survey Department 1865-66; correspondence with Governor Broome 1884; diaries 1886; records from the Forrest family businesses; correspondence and notes from the time of his political career 1890-1918 [ACC 1241A, MNs 34, 145, 600, 618]; copies of material from the S. Burt papers, the Picton collection, and the W.A. Colonial Secretaries Office records in the Battye Library, and from the Mitchell Library [ACC 2181A, MN 477].

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